Notice, feel, experience – RRRUN. We present to you an album that is not just playing music but manifesting movement, energy, and the pace of modern life. In every note, in every beat, you’ll find an invitation to let go of the brakes and immerse yourself in a world of untamed rhythm and harmony.

Each track in the RRRUN album is a separate whirlwind of emotions, calling you onto the dance floor. This music does not tolerate static, it dictates its own rules, making hearts beat in unison with powerful bass and sparkling melodies. Imagine adrenaline beginning to bubble in your veins, and each new track becomes a pretext to indulge in dance, euphoria, the present moment again and again.

The RRRUN album is created for those who refuse to stay still. It is bold and provocative, combining club music sounds with contemporary electronics, creating an atmosphere where everyone will find their place for expression. With its help, every evening will turn into an unforgettable journey, full of discoveries and new opportunities.

Listeners can expect a wide range of musical influences that bring new experiences at every step of this musical journey. From deep and mesmerizing bass lines to fiery and uplifting melodies – each composition is created to conquer you, compelling you to move tirelessly.

So, are you ready to host a real musical race with RRRUN? Prepare for your perception of dance music to change forever. Succumb to the call of endless movement and allow this album to become your new musical guide to a world of unlimited possibilities.

RRRUN is not just an album, it’s a movement manifesto, a call of nature to dance, to ecstasy, to life in its highest manifestation. Start the album, and allow yourself… to just run. Forward, to new horizons and unexplored musical landscapes. Together with RRRUN, the future sounds today. Discover a new era of dance music. RRRUN is your ticket to a world where music and movement become one. Get ready… and start moving!

Track list

  1. Artificial Sleep (3:41)
  2. Flight in Trance (3:46)
  3. Pulse Bit (3:42)
  4. Getaway (4:06)
  5. Rrrun (4:05)
  6. Drum Chaos (4:30)
  7. Digital Bastion (3:47)
  8. Speed Runner (3:26)
  9. Metallic Lips (4:57)
  10. Rhythm in Your Temples (4:54)
  11. Watchword (4:35)
  12. Robo-Animal (3:18)
  13. Robo-Bird (4:05)
  14. Space Spinning Top (4:03)

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