Introducing Relai: A Sonic Journey of Meditation and Harmony

Experience the enchanting world of Relai, a captivating compilation of meditative music that delves deep into the essence of sound. Immerse yourself in a sonic landscape where low and high frequencies dance in perfect harmony.

Originally crafted exclusively for curated meditation playlists on streaming platforms, Relai garnered a wave of positive feedback that beckoned it to venture beyond digital realms and into the hearts of vinyl enthusiasts.

Unlock the power of mindfulness through Relai’s meticulously crafted melodies and let its soothing tones transport you to a realm of inner peace and tranquility. Join the community of discerning music aficionados who are ready to embrace the timeless allure of Relai.

Embark on this sonic odyssey today and discover a world where music and meditation intertwine seamlessly. Relai invites you to elevate your senses and embark on a journey of serenity like never before.

Track list

  • Сity In the Grass (3:30)
  • Underwater Cave (2:45)
  • Signals from Distant Planets (3:58)
  • Forest Spirit (4:02)
  • Rain Where No Man Has Been (2:11)
  • The Slow Giant (2:33)
  • Tribe of the Wild (4:07)
  • Swarm (2:45)
  • Old Courtyard (2:45)
  • Bread Dough (3:45)
  • Watermill (3:29)
  • Eastern Hotel (2:45)
  • Wake up Honey (2:45)
  • Call of the Void (2:45)
  • Evening with Family (3:31)
  • Welcome to Visit (2:48)
  • Rollich (3:32)

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