Welcome to the world of musical fantasy and adventure, the realm of the album “Katashiro”! This remarkable musical opus is not just an album – it’s a journey into the soul and history. “Katashiro” – a musical embodiment of Japanese mythology and adventure, woven from notes of magic and enchantment.


  1. Intro: Open the doors to this mystical tale, granting yourself the opportunity to immerse in a magical world.
  2. Vassal of the Great Dragon: A calm and melodious track that lets you feel the might and nobility of dragon spirits guarding our world.
  3. The Birth of Katashiro: This track fills you with a sense of mystery and tenderness, as if you are at the very beginning of the story when the incomprehensible essence of Katashiro was born.
  4. A Little Angel: A lively and energetic melody that reminds you of the kindness and joy inherent in Katashiro’s angelic soul.
  5. Time to Grow Up: Here, you will sense the oppressive silence and emptiness that envelops Katashiro as his inner conflict begins to overshadow his kindness.
  6. Not for Prying Eyes: A dark and tense melody that conveys a sense of threat and mystery, emphasizing the looming evil.
  7. Obscure Samurai: A calm and eerie tune, as if you’ve entered the lair of a mysterious samurai, a secretive ally in the battle against evil.
  8. Invisible Prankster: This melody fills you with mischief and pranks, as if Katashiro is tiptoeing mischievously to defeat the darkness.
  9. Even Evil Comes to an End: A positive and powerful melody, like the first breath of fresh air after a storm, reminding us that even evil can be conquered by the strength of good.
  10. Epilogue: A vibrant and positive composition, featuring bright Indian strings, creating the feeling of a street festival in a warm land, symbolizing a return to peace and joy.

The album “Katashiro” is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a musical journey where each melody unveils a new chapter of an exhilarating story. From the magic of rituals to inner battles and, finally, the triumph of good over evil, you’ll experience the full spectrum of emotions and experiences. This album invites you into a world of fantasy and adventure, where dragon spirits and angels intertwine in a unique symphony. Treat yourself to this incredible musical journey, and you’ll discover that stories can sound as beautiful as their narratives. “Katashiro” is your key to the magical world of music and imagination.

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