In the heart of Cinewood, a city of fantasies and relentless battles, a sinister darkness gathers under a single resonating note. Introducing a group of supervillains whose shadowy figures dance in a whirlwind of madness and destruction. They have become symbols of defiance, a beacon of hope devoid of light.

First among them is the Steam Man, the master of steam-powered machines and the architect of darkness. From his smoky factories emerge machines of terror, crawling through the streets, filling the city with the steam of despair.

Beside him, the Succubus, a supervillainess, a seductress of consciousness, beguiling people with her lascivious ideas. She reigns over dreams and enslaves minds, leading her followers into the abyss of temptation and downfall.

The ominous spirit, Katashiro, follows them, banished from New Tokyo and rejected by society. Once he aspired to protect the common people, but hopelessness altered his path, and now he gravitates toward the darker side of power.

Time, with its feminine features, historical personas, and the thread of fate in its hands, rewrites the past and misleads. It controls the intricacies of time, creating tangled plots and playing with truth.

And at the helm of the gang stands the Demon, a true offspring of the abyss. His dark wings encompass the city, and his menacing presence fills the hearts of Cinewood’s inhabitants with fear and trepidation.

The supervillains unite, forming a symphony of evil and madness that shatters the silence of this meme city. Their story is woven with dark motifs, driven by a desire for destruction and resistance to peace.

Welcome to Cinewood: a world of sin.

Track list

  • The Warrior (4:10)
  • Gray City Monolith (2:45)
  • Capture (2:48)
  • Operation Albatross (4:10)
  • Search for a Solution (2:48)
  • Steamborg (2:48)
  • Team Player (2:45)
  • Battle for New Tokyo (2:48)
  • Retelling the Future (2:48)
  • The Edge of the World (2:48)
  • Secret Key (2:48)
  • Lair (3:49)
  • Night Cinewood (5:47)
  • Succubus (5:21)
  • Abandoned Beach (5:28)
  • I See You (7:17)
  • Katashiro (4:55)

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